Pride of Workmanship Award in Rotary in Australia

Pride of Workmanship, as a Rotary sponsored project, has been widely acclaimed and adopted throughout Australia since its beginnings in the 1970s and is now gaining momentum with Rotary Clubs overseas.

To primary object of the award is to encourage Pride of Workmanship by providing employers with the opportunity, through Rotary, of recognising and acknowledging the efforts and contributions of an employee who consistently achieves an overall high personal standard and work performance.

The Award is also formulated with the intention of encouraging favorable employer/employee relationships and a sense of community pride in individual achievement.

Pride of Workmanship Award Scheme, consistent with its emphasis on the commitment to a job well done on the part of an employee has as its theme “Do it Once, Do it Well”.

Pride of Workmanship Award Scheme was conceived to embrace all aspects of work performance and ethics, inclusive of quality, output, safety, initiative, sense of responsibility; teamwork, leadership etc. at all working levels in the community.

Pride of Workmanship Award Scheme is not a competition and there are no “winners” in the strict sense of the word.  It is anticipated that normally there would be only one Awardee from each separate organisation.  Should this restriction be a cause of concern to an organisation please discuss the matters with our Chair.

A Pride of Workmanship Award is to be seen and acknowledged as recognition of an employee whose work performance and workmanship are consistently of an overall high standard.

It is important and indeed essential, that the Awardee is also seen as being a worthy recipient in the eyes of his/her peers and fellow workers in industry.