Pride of Workmanship Nomination Form

The Rotary Club of Rutherford Telarah invites you to participate in a “Pride of Workmanship” Award Scheme, our club is sponsoring.

We believe “Pride of Workmanship” – the sense of responsibility to do a job well, (Do it Once – Do it Well) is one of the great intangible assets in our community.

As part of our campaign to encourage the “Pride of Workmanship” theme, our Club would like, through employers and leaders of government and not for profit organisations, to give recognition to employees where it is considered due.  This is the purpose of the Award scheme, and with your help, the theme can be spread amongst your employees and beyond.

We are hoping you will take up the opportunity to nominate one of your employees who is displaying qualities worthy of such an award.

Successful nominees will be recognised at a Presentation Dinner organised by the Rotary Club of Rutherford Telarah at Club Maitland City, Rutherford, on Monday 3rd June 2019, at 6.00 for 6.30 PM.  Staff from the workplace are also invited and encouraged to attend and acknowledge their colleague’s award.

If this scheme appeals to you, and you would like to nominate one of your employees or an outstanding employee in a business you are aware of, please complete the attached nomination form and return it to Rotary Club of Rutherford Telarah, PO Box 446, Rutherford 2320, or email to:, not later than Monday 20th May 2019, the closing date for nominations.

Come with us and recognise  “Pride of Workmanship” in our community.

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