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Serving the Communities of Maitland

Rotary Service

Rotary does lots of good things in the community.

Every event our Rotary Club organises we donate the funds raised to a cause. As volunteers our time is limited so selecting a cause to support is considered carefully.

Our Rotary Club is part of an international service organization where diversity, equity and inclusion are cornerstones of Rotary philosophy. We understand and embrace our differences, provide equitable opportunities for success, and welcome one another exactly as we are. We try to have our Club membership mirror the community in which we live.

Rotary unites more than a million people around the world.

Together, we see a world where people unite and take action to create lasting change – across the globe, in our communities, and in ourselves.

We hope you can contribute your particular talents and your particular vocational expertise.

As well as the weekly meetings, there are lots of different service activities and programs to get involved in. The amount of time you spend is entirely up to you.

Grafitti Removal - Rotary Service - The Rutherford Telarah Rotary Club​

Graffiti Removal Service in Maitland

Graffiti Removal

We have all the tools and equipment for graffiti removal and we are happy to work anywhere in Maitland, Rutherford etc.

We specialise in removing all types of graffiti, small or large – no job is too big or too small! We have many happy clients across the government, educational and private sectors.

Rapid graffiti removal is seen as best-practice in graffiti reduction as it diminishes the level of recognition and reward achieved by graffiti vandals. Prompt graffiti removal also prevents assets from appearing uncared for.

We use a biodegradable product that not only ensures a quality finish, it keeps our rivers and water supply free of toxic chemicals.

We will quickly wash away the offending graffiti from walls vandalised with graffiti whether it is concrete, brick or steel we can help.

Grafitti Removal - The Rutherford Telarah Rotary Club​

Community Park Improvements

Tree Care

The trees at the Paul Harris Grove were seriously stressed before the rain. Watering pipes on the drip line were installed. The trees were watered twice a week and fertilised with native tree tablets. Now helped along by this tree saving rain they are looking much better. Have a look, we are pleased. 

Community Park Improvements - Tree Care - The Rutherford Telarah Rotary Club Activities

Indoor Event Catering

Event Catering

Providing catering to small events such as outdoor gatherings for sports and community events. Here we are at the Festival of Small Halls, Lochinvar cooking up on our Coonabarabran. Great team, great work. Have a look at www. We were so lucky to be part of this event with Siobhan Miller from Scotland and the Australian songwriter Jack Carty.

Indoor Event Catering - The Rutherford Telarah Rotary Club Activities

Outdoor Event Catering

Event Catering

Equipped with catering van and bbq trailer we are able to cater for events without hundreds of participants who are keen for a freshly cooked bbq sausage on a roll, hot chips, drinks, fruit and more.

Outdoor Event Catering - The Rutherford Telarah Rotary Club Activities

Mountain Bike Ride & Run at Tocal in the Hunter Valley

Bunker & Back and Ride & Run

Rotary Ride & Run, Bunker & Back was held at Tocal College. Attendees could stop at the Bunker and check out the view then head off downhill.

The funds raised at the Bunker & Back mountain bike ride were donated to HMRI, Sports Concussion Clinic.

In 2022 the Rotary Ride & Run, Bunker & Back supported HMRI Sports Concussion Clinic as well as the HMRI Jill Emberson Memorial Fund supporting vital research into ovarian cancer. Jill Emberson once said “Money funds research, research funds answers, and answers lead to better treatments” So All the monies raised at the Rotary Ride & Run, Bunker & Back will help provide funds for this HMRI researchwas

Bunker and Back - The Rutherford Telarah Rotary Club

Rotary Friends and Fellowship

Club Meetings & Dinner

We are a group of local women and men who meet over dinner to hear from guest speakers on a wide variety of subjects and to plan events that will benefit communities both here and abroad, all whilst enjoying the company of good friends.

Our Meetings are 6:00PM for 6:30PM Start. We aim to close by 8:30PM. Below we show the agenda for a typical Rotary Dinner Meeting.

While our Club meets every Monday, not every member can attend every meeting. Rotary understands this. We do not have to be there every week: family and work come first!

Not all items are addressed on each night: sometimes items are added or deleted , but the agenda below is fairly typical. Before the meeting there is time to network and chat with other members with a casual atmosphere.

  • Meeting Call to Order and welcome by the Club President
  • Introduction of Guests and visiting Rotarians by the President
  • Guest Speaker’s Presentation (typically 10-20 minutes)
  • Questions & Club Thanks for Guest Speaker
  • Commencement of the meal and time to chat with each other.
  • Short Break for Tea & Coffee.
  • Service Committee Chairmen Announcements.
  • Sergeant’s Fine Session & Raffle.
  • President’s Reminders and Thanks to Visitors
Rotary Friends and Fellowship Club Meetings & Dinner - The Rutherford Telarah Rotary Club

Pride of Workmanship Award in Rotary in Australia​

Pride of Workmanship

Pride of Workmanship, as a Rotary sponsored project, has been widely acclaimed and adopted throughout Australia since its beginnings in the 1970s and is now gaining momentum with Rotary Clubs overseas.

To primary object of the award is to encourage Pride of Workmanship by providing employers with the opportunity, through Rotary, of recognising and acknowledging the efforts and contributions of an employee who consistently achieves an overall high personal standard and work performance.

The Award is also formulated with the intention of encouraging favorable employer/employee relationships and a sense of community pride in individual achievement.

Pride of Workmanship Award Scheme, consistent with its emphasis on the commitment to a job well done on the part of an employee has as its theme “Do it Once, Do it Well”.

Pride of Workmanship Award Scheme was conceived to embrace all aspects of work performance and ethics, inclusive of quality, output, safety, initiative, sense of responsibility; teamwork, leadership etc. at all working levels in the community.

Pride of Workmanship Award Scheme is not a competition and there are no “winners” in the strict sense of the word.  It is anticipated that normally there would be only one Awardee from each separate organisation.  Should this restriction be a cause of concern to an organisation please discuss the matters with our Chair.

A Pride of Workmanship Award is to be seen and acknowledged as recognition of an employee whose work performance and workmanship are consistently of an overall high standard.

It is important and indeed essential, that the Awardee is also seen as being a worthy recipient in the eyes of his/her peers and fellow workers in industry.

School Canteens

Each school day our Rotary Club staff at Metford Public School brighten the day for students. Rutherford Telarah Rotary Club now operates the school canteens at three local schools, offering Health Dept approved menus.

With a demonstrated successful track record of running a safe, efficient, healthy food canteen at Maitland Public School we were invited to manage the canteen at Metford Public School.

We take great care in ensuring a sparkling clean and well presented canteen so that students, parents and staff at the school all have complete confidence in the healthy food they order.

All the canteens use Flexischools, an online ordering system where families can order and pay for their children’s lunches and recess food with a credit card from home for the next day, next week.

Another community project from our Rotary Club.

Activities - Rotary Club

Maitland Public School

School Canteen

This is where we do our community service project at Maitland Public school canteen.

Yes we do lunches and recess food for the whole school and the teachers too. But then we can find time to make dinners for isolated seniors in our community.

We also have a trainee in hospitality, not just a trainee but someone who really enjoys the school and canteen. Mustn’t forget we take time to keep things, not just clean, but sparkling clean. We do this pretty well or so we are told.

Maitland Public School Canteen - The Rutherford Telarah Rotary Club
Maitland Public School Canteen - The Rutherford Telarah Rotary Club

Food for Thought

The Club runs a program called Food for Thought, a breakfast initiative offered to local schools to assist in providing breakfasts to needy students. High protein brain food is offered at breakfast each participating school five days a week.

Activities - Rotary Club
Activities - Rotary Club